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On the death of the entrepre Gerd Bulthaup

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Gerd Bulthaup made the kitchen a place of communion in which cooking is fun. As a result, Bulthaup became a brand with an international reputation-and Gerd Bulthaup became a pioneer for an entire industry.
Der Küchenvisionär Gerd Bulthaup (1944 bis 2019)
The kitchen visionary Gerd Bulthaup (1944 to 2019)
Source: Bulthaup

E r have basically had two dads, Gerd Bulthaup said in an interview with the WELT on Sunday once: his bodily who the Company Bulthaup Founded in 1949 as a sawmill, switching to Kretendencies, then built-in kitchens and handed over a "healthy company" to his son in 1978. And his intellectual and intellectual accessor, Otl Aicher. Gerd Bulthaup had already been bound by the designer and co-founder of the Ulm School in 1980, first of all, so that he gave the company a new graphic appearance.

Soon, however, Aicher designed the kitchens themselves. And this in a fundamentally new way, which was only possible, because Gerd Bulthaup shared his radical visions and had the entrepreneurial courage to implement it. One can confidently say that Bulthaup, together with Aicher, redefined the idea of kitchen. This is no more than a small, separate and well-organized place where the housewife works alone and with his face to the wall in front of herself, but as a place of community where cooking is fun.

It's no longer about "Impressive kitchens"

"Together instead of lonely", Aichers Credo, and Gerd Bulthaup let him "explore the kitchens for cooking" in principle, and write about it with the essay of the same name, which still today is a standard work of the Kitchen Design is. From these investigations, a kind of Ur-work island was first created, where one could work and talk to several people, and in 1988 the famous "workbench".

Today, a central kitchen block may seem a matter of course, but in the 1980s, he was a revolution. Gerd Bulthaup also consistently drove them forward, how he learned to cook properly (in a cooking class in Tuscany), to know the processes and to know what is important to make you feel comfortable in a kitchen.

Bulthaup auf der Mailänder Möbelmesse 2018. Social Hub Küche
Bulthaup at the Milan Furniture Fair 2018
Source: Bulthaup

He put on timeless minimalism, warm materials, high quality craftsmanship-and showed just how modern a living room can be. It does not simply take advantage of the existing space, but rather makes it a living space. So from Bulthaup became a brand with international renown, each of their kitchens a status symbol-and Gerd Bulthaup himself, who actually Architecture to study, to become a pioneer for an entire industry.

In 2003 he retired from the operational management of the company, which today leads his nephew Marc O. Eckert. On the first August, Gerd Bulthaup died at 75 years after a short, severe illness.

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