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The zitronous feeling of life of the South for home

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Fashion designer Jacquemus opened the café "Citron" in Paris. There are lemon trees in sun-drenched terracotta pots, alongside wooden furniture for a Mediterranean atmosphere. How's this in the city apartment?
Chloe Wise "La Riviera"
Chloe Wise "La Riviera"
Source: Jacquemus

S imon Porte Jacquemus: darling of the fashion scene, designer of French, avant-garde carved classics, Oversized sun-hats and clickekleiner handbags. He was born in 1990 in southern France in a small village, with 18 years he moved to Paris, and two years later he founded the cosmos Jacquemus. He (well, that's what we're doing Instagram ), its fashion and the world therefore has a sun-pampering effect-and free. He told the magazine "Dazed": "At Jacquemus, it's not about nightlife and clubbing or the like, it's more about fruit and vegetables and the rolling around in a meadow."

He has just opened the "Café Citron" in Paris, a café in the legendary Galeries Lafayette department store on the boulevard. Champs-Élysées . Pure South French nonchalance. He's the master.

Also in his spring campaign 2019 we find his current favorite fruit. He left the campaign not to photograph, but to paint from the New York-based artist Chloe Wise. Wise's painting embodies this aesthetics of Jacquemus perfectly. It shows three sun-kissed women, who carefree Aperol Spritz (or Rosé?) on a balcony at the sea, and in doing so-completely dressed in jacquemus-look stunning French. This is an idyllic colour scheme, yellow accessories AND a woman's hand holding a peeled lemon. Jacquemus atmosphere.

How do we get these into our own four walls?

For beginners

Schon länger eine beliebte Kombi im Interieur: Yves-Klein Blau mit Zitronengelb
A popular combi in the interior: Yves-Klein-Blau mit Zitronengelb
Source: Getty Images/Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank (re.)

A fruit bowl filled with soup fruits, especially lemons and oranges? Dekoklischee. In addition, it attracts annoying fruit flies in the summer months. A lot of fresher than draped supplies, the visitors to a healthy lifestyle in order to at the end but then half to gamble, are lemons, on which we look forward to the whole year. That they provide little vitamins, they make a plus of style, living comfort and one or the other lucky hormone that is distributed at their sight.

How about, for example, with lemons, which even at the Sit down don't crush unappetizing, even though they're pretty soft on the buy? One Lemon for washing ? No, fruit does not belong in the obligatory bowl on the dining table, but also sometimes in the bathroom, in the display case or on the sofa. Who likes to make his whole home to the fruit salad, the ordere simply all our fruity favourites. They've thrown themselves too beautifully in shell.

Zara, Meister darin Trends von Laufstegen über Nacht auf die Straße zu bringen, hat sie alle: Kuschelige Zara-Zitronen, Zara- Zitronenmuster ...
Zara, master in bringing trends from running stews overnight to the street, she has all: cuddly Zara lemons, Zara lemon pattern ...
Source: Zara

For Advanced

The south is a feeling-with colorful napkins in an otherwise white-grey facility it's not done. The "Café Citron" (based on Jacquemus ' favourite colour) is similar to a lemon and olive grove. Oversized sun-bred terracotta pots, simple tables and mixed chairs made of rather light wood with a touch of bright colours (yellow, blue or green), warm and sunny. The rustic dishes are created in collaboration with the Parisian cuisine restaurant "Caviar Kaspia", now already a classic: a sorbet, in the form of a lemon.

Das Pariser Café
The Paris Café
Source: Café Citron Paris
Still Life von Van Gogh, 1887. Die Farbpalette ist für den lässigen mediterranen Look empfehlenswert
Still life of Van Gogh, 1887. The colour palette is recommended for the casual Mediterranean look
Source: Painting-Picturenow/UIG via Getty Images

That's the cur. Starter recommendation for at home: Buy the one who lived Terracotta-Topf * . Don't make your kitchen in white, but Mint or just paint-at least the corridor-pastel yellow. Do you have a balcony or garden? Then buy a Lemon tree * . He does not, however, simply survive in our latitudes. The lemon tree needs (after acclimatization) a lot of pralle sun and in winter a place without heating with daylight. He will never be able to stand in the living room. The Olive tree * by the way, not.

Your visit will be very yellow in front of envy.

Der gestreifte Stoff ist bei Ikea erhältlich, der Stoff rechts im Bild bei Etsy*
The striped fabric is available from Ikea, the fabric on the right side of the picture at Etsy *
Source: Etsy, Amazon (2), Manufactum, IK

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