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The lion does not live, he resided. The Virgin may be a stash. And the scorpion prefers opaque curtains. Each star sign has its very own preferences as far as the facility is concerned. Can you find yourself again?


E in the garden? It is also a pleasure to have a standard family life. Wild-growing flowers? In no case at all, the lawn is trimmed and can be presented at any time. The akkurate hedge is high enough to protect the private life in the home in front of the neighbors. The ibex love rules, laws, and are grown with tradition and past. They try to conserve what has proven to be a good thing.

Das Esszimmer der Coscarelli passt zu den Steinböcken
The dining room of the Coscarelli fits to the ibex
Source: Bob Coscarelli/Frost House

The good German oak is always a pleasure, like a tile in the kitchen, but it is so nice to care. The typical Capricorn apartments rarely have something common, they are rather solid good. Deko-Schnickschnack? Why? Needs the Steinbock not. Either he consistently relies on the establishment with all-over antiquities or even on significant functional design classics.

Dark tones, like wooden ones, but also cool steel tube-content simple and slightly conservative elegance. The younger ibex also like to resort to the Scandinavian style, only without the Hygge, that is, the cozy component. Color, trends and impulsive purchases? Misindication. Pet? Well, maybe a German shepherd?


Societyskonform leben? Bloß nicht. Aufs Land ziehen? Nein, zu eng und zu langweilig dort. Lieber ein Loft in urbaner Umgebung, gerne hell und mit einem Ausblick über die Stadt. Anstelle von Wänden gibt es in diesem Loft recht transparente Vorhänge, vielleicht auch mobile Trennelemente, jedoch kaum Türen. Das unterstützt die Weite und loftige Leichtigkeit der Wohnung – und bietet den Rahmen, den der Wassermann und sein Element Luft brauchen.

Hier würde sich der Wassermann wohlfühlen. Ist aber das Zuhause von Super-Architekt Ricardo Bofill
This is where the Aquarius would feel good. But is the home of super-architect Ricardo Bofill
Source: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

An urge for freedom, enthusiasm for progress and modernes, also like bizarre, main thing, not 08/15. The facility is imaginative, a mix of ideas and styles, Altes is mixed with newness and peas with found pieces. Yes, it can also be chaotic and improvised. All too classic one looks in vain. There is not necessarily a sofa, the Aquarius is happy to try the Moroccan sunbathing lawn. There are some statement pieces that will be staged. But uncomplicated.

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The Aquarius is a real technical nerd, preferably futuristic luminaires, stereo systems, and turns his living area into a cinema with a beamer. The cosmopolitan Aquarius loves his visions of the future, here is the word Loft, apart from the generous living, also for: Living One Future Together. Yes, they are the watermen, sometimes walls have to be gone in the world-be it for the benefit of the community or simply because of the sense of space.


The apartment of the sensitive fish is a matter of heart. If we were in the Middle Ages, that would be Asterisk in a castle, living high up in the tower, at best with a view of the water. The home of the fish is his protective castle, where he finds security and security. Often with a Nuance romance.

Eine helle fantasievolle Farbwelt und Orte zum Träumen - so mag es der Fisch
A bright, imaginative color world and places to dream-so it may be the fish
Source: Universal Images Group via Getty Images/Jumping Rocks

It is close that the fish prefers blue tones. But rather pastellig. Dark and glaring colors impress him. It is the delicate colours, the light woods and the natural materials, which mixes the imaginative fish into a coherent, enchanted and also a quiet overall picture. In this case, it does not prefer a particular style. With an intuitive feeling, the fish lives its creativity there, chaos corners are common, but those of the lovable variety. Bed and sofa are important, where the fish lives its daydreams. By the way, the fish tends to pet allergies. It is therefore more advisable to use an aquarium with sea creatures.


Always action with the Widder people. If the apartment is too small, it will drive out rather outside. In his freestly loft there is a large sofa with coarse leather, on it skins or a bright red blanket. The fire emblem likes to accent with fiery colors, the background remains rather neutral. The fireplace is one of the lucky ones.

Loftig und luftig, ein Kamin im Mittelpunkt. Fehlen nur noch die dramatischen Akzente
Lofty and airy, a fireplace in the center. Missing only the dramatic accents
Source: Orlova Maria/

The practical component will enforce itself in the facility, just user-friendly. In a similar way to the Virgin, there is also plenty of storage space here, but rather according to the motto: Bloß no time wasting with tidy up, rather quickly stowed away. And dear partners of the energetic ram: Do not discuss with him about the establishment, he will prevail anyway his head.


A house in the woods. An old farmhouse. Or an apartment with a sumpiously green balcony. Yes, the bull not only likes to live in harmony with nature, but also loves the colors and materials of nature. Brown, beige, sand, wood instead of stainless steel and all please solid, stable, without sharp edges.

Das Esszimmer des Stiers - hier leicht übertrieben dargestellt
The dining room of the bull-shown here slightly exaggerated
Source: LightRocket via Getty Images/Olaf Protze

Country house chic? Yes, but it must also go in the direction of Skandi style. He relies on the things he knows and who are familiar with him. Stier people are pleasurable people, the kitchen will be the center of the house; with huge solid wood dining table on a vintage carpet.


A home in the country? No case at all. The twin loves the big city jungle, remains ready for a move at any time. Typical Saturday morning? 9.04 a.m.: What's new from the world's largest furniture fair? Ooh, these beds ... 9.25 a.m.: Aah, the neighbor just told about her Japan trip and now I also need a futon. 9.26 a.m.: I urgently need to get Grandmother's bedstead from the basement. 9.36 am: The colorful Memphis style of the 80s is mega in, writes at least this lifestyle blog. Do they have beds in the style?

Das Zuhause von Nicola Formichetti. Ein Zwillings-Haushalt?
The home of Nicola Formichetti. A twins household?
Source: Kyle Knodell

The twin bubbles in front of ideas, but is also really no matter, because the visit comes anyway, no more time to deal with it and tomorrow is the new and unknown yes yet again what Altes. Lifestyle? It's not. More of the wild style mix. The bookshelves go up to the ceiling, magazines pile up in the corners, and finally the twin needs to be informed and inspired. Twins are high-tech nerds, the laptop is never too far removed from the event, let alone off.


Do you still live with your parents or next door? Perhaps you have already established your own family or have very familiar friends. The cancer is a family man, he wants to create a home, especially his "roommates", that radiates warmth and security. A modernized cottage, perhaps, full of memories in the form of picture frame collages. The cuddly animals of childhood are not seldom found in a corner. It is homely, covered colors and fluffy fabrics. He likes to spend free time in his four walls, takes care of the romantic garden, cooks his guests with fine dishes on grandmother's Edel porcelain or bastles in loving DIY-style a plant makramee. Holidays? With the complete family in the built-out camper.



The lion is the aristocrat under the signs, he does not live, he resided. He loves the luxury. Heavy fabrics like velvet, strong rich colors like red, a chandelier instead of normal luminaires-spots, maybe even a tiger skin in front of the bed. Gold, copper or brass adorn the Löwen Palace, after all, it is elegant there, almost pompous. Be it in the career, the love or in his home, somewhere the lion has to be reigning kingdom.

Ja, ok, etwas übertrieben - aber vielen Löwen würde es hier gefallen
Yes, ok, something exaggerated-but many lions would like it here
Source: De Agostini via Getty Images/DEA/G. DAGLI ORTI

The ordinary is boring, nothing too good for the Leo people. "Gönn dir" could be the general lions motto. In doing so, the lion is a great host, a polarizing sunshine, it also needs the compliment and the many mirrors in the apartment. He always dreams, if he doesn't have it yet, from home. With garden? Only if he can leave the Wühlen in the earth to the gardener.

A not quite serious typology


In the mini-front garden of the renovated old building of the Jungfrau, the flowers are arranged fittfully, nowhere weed, even the staircase is freshly aired. At best, the shoes are pulled out before entering the structured virginity budget. The jacket is sorted directly in the wardrobe on the front door. The images in the corridor hang precisely horizontally, the distances between them are accurate. Anything else would make the virgin nervous, she has an eye for unevenness. Everything has its place in the numerous pharmacists ' cabinets and commods, the apartment is neat, nothing stands out loud. Almost like in a classic luxury hotel. The clear line, the functional but elegant style with a covered colour world and high-quality (durable) material make the emy virgin happy.


In the case of scale people, the need for harmony also includes the exterior with one. They have a distinct sense of aesthetics. Loud Astro Wiki gives the beauty of form its expression to its content. Art plays a major role in the scale. A balanced mix of shapes and colours, a balanced combination of different styles, can be found in the facility. A light weight for the scale, but partly rather nice than comfortable. The porcelain stands in the display case, the bed linen is perfumed, the flowers perfectly arranged. The scale is familiar with the latest trends, but it is more like the luxury accessories.


Please no neighbors and if you do, then only anonymously in a high-rise building with opaque curtains. However, the scorpion would rather be a detached house with a hobby room or a soundproofed music room, while life and the family are raging outside. The establishment of a scorpion household depends heavily on the individual preferences of the person. It's about him, never about the sham, so about others. Up to date? Nö, main thing, convenient and tailored to him. The other side, the passionate and mysterious of the scorpion also finds favors on a touch of luxury, noble woods, marble and dark color worlds.


Sehen Sie sich in Peter Ghyczys Zuhause?
Do you see yourself in Peter Ghyczy's home?
Source: Peter Ghyczy

Shootern sind Freigeister. Ein Haus auf vier Rädern, mit denen sie die Welt bereisen? Übertrieben, aber denkbar. Der Schütze muss in die Ferne schauen können, über die Dächer der Stadt oder auf die Weiten der Felder. Eigentum braucht er nicht, Hauptsache, Licht, Luft und Freiheit. Das Zuhause ist voll mit Objekten anderer Kulturen, farbig leuchtende Reisemitbringsel, aber auch Bälle, Badminton-Schläger oder Bücher fliegen beim aktiven Schützen rum. Zusammen ergeben sie immer ein stimmiges Gesamtbild.

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