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At the age of 86, she once again sets up a new apartment

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Anna Fendi was the creative director of the traditional brand. Then she started her second career as a magister. She has just found a new domicile in the middle of Rome-and she has decorated it with unusual pieces.
Die Farbe der Polstermöbel? Airforceblue. Die Leopardenfellkissen stammen von einem Mantel, der nie fertig wurde
The colour of the upholstered furniture? Airforceblue. The leopard fur pillows come from a coat that has never been finished
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

H A couple of drawings of Storage field There a few elegantly draped fur, here a few heirloom pieces from her legendary mother's house, there pictures of actresses, which she once dressed for Oscar-winning film productions: When Anna Fendi, once creative director of the traditional brand, leads through her new apartment in Rome, this is also a journey through her own past, present and future.

Anna Fendis ' new lead is located in a very elegant 1930s building with a typical Roman courtyard and a breathtaking view of the St. Peter's Basilica and other attractions of the Eternal City . The apartment is a product of the second creative career, which Anna Fendi, 86, has been doing for 20 years. She insists on "constantly looking for amazing real estate in the most charming environments," to renovate and set up her. For example, a few years ago, she transformed a Art Nouveau villa on the Tiber into a hotel called "Villa Laetitia", and the special edition of a yacht series has already been equipped.

Erinnerungsstücke, Keramiksammlungen und Skulpturen. Der Ort erzählt Geschichte
Memorabilia, ceramic collections and sculptures. The place tells story
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

"I always decorate my Domizile with my favorite artists and unusual pieces," she tells. In the entrance area, visitors will be welcomed by several sculptures of Italian artists as well as from a collection of retro-ceramics. "I love that every object here has a history," Fendi said. The leopard fur pillows on the sofa, for example, came from a mantle that never finished. The vinyl plates, which are on the shelf in the living room, bought them on flea markets and played them on an old record player from Plexiglas.

A housing visit to Anna Fendi must be a tour of family history solely because of all the heirloom and memorabilia, including bookshelves, chairs, private photos, and also a tour of the family. She began by the fact that her mother, Adele, opened a fur shop in 1918, which was named after her husband Fendi in 1925, and from which later the world-famous fashion house , for which Karl Lagerfeld worked as a designer from 1965 until his death. Why now his drawings complement each other with the family saga, as in the hallway, where a sketch of a dress hangs, which he designed as a homage to Anna's daughter Ilaria.

Ungebremst kreativ: Anna Fendi in ihrem Wohnzimmer
Unbridled creatively: Anna Fendi in her living room
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

In the midst of this ambiance, it is downright shocking that Fendi confers: "As a young girl who loved classical dance, I hated fashion." But she then saw that she had to get into the family business like her four sisters, bravely according to the motto of the mother, who preached: "Seid like the five fingers of one hand, different, but complement you." She has just plunged into the fashion world "with creativity, determination, discipline and sacrifice". And a lot of interest for the material.

Do it yourself: Die Glaskollektion (oben) hat die Hausherrin entworfen und in Murano von jungen Glaskünstlern herstellen lassen
Do it yourself: The glass collection (above) has designed the housekeepers and can be produced in Murano by young glass artists
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

She has taken that interest in her second career as a judge, for example, in the representative dining room. "I wanted to create a retro atmosphere, therefore this oval glass table with mirror." They love to decorate the table on a daily basis with special pieces from their collection. On this day, it is covered with its black-and-white patterned dining service and parts of a collection of Murano glass designed by her. This also includes glasses that can be turned around, so that the foot becomes a vessel. The collection, in turn, runs under the brand name AFV, short for Anna Fendi Vini, under which she sells selected wines together with her partner Giuseppe Tedesco.

The kitchen, in turn, is a symphony Fendis Favorite (not) colors black and white. The walls are tiled with broken tiles, the floor is original from the thirties, the wardrobe hangs on an Austrian tower clock. "I wanted to transport the same feeling into the bathroom, of course, strictly in black and white." So the floor consists of artfully laid marble bunks; wall lights, chairs, bathtub are vintage, the faucets black, on a cupboard she has set an eye-eye window, as you can know from Barockkirchen.

In der Küche hat der Koch ein leichtes Lunch vorbereitet. Der Boden ist Original aus den 30ern, den Rest hat Fendi mitgebracht, Turmuhr inklusive
In the kitchen, the cook has prepared a light lunch. The floor is original from the 30s, the rest has brought Fendi, Turmuhr included
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside
Im strikt schwarz-weiß gehaltenen Bad thront ein Ochsenaugen-Fenster auf dem Schrank, der Bodenbelag besteht aus recycelten Marmorstücken
In the strictly black-and-white-kept bathroom, an oxen eye window on the cupboard, the floor covering consists of recycled marble pieces
Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

And what about a holiday? Anna Fendi in a room full of family photos, Lagerfeld-sketches and a portrait that the portrait painter Rinaldo Geleng made of her own. "Here, surrounded by my great, beloved family and so many memories, I feel really happy."

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Source: Gianni Franchellucci/Living Inside

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