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What the Ikea Catalogue teaches about better sleep

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Gut gebettet: der IKEA Katalog 2020 Gut gebettet: der IKEA Katalog 2020
Well-praised: the IKEA catalogue 2020
Source: Ikea/Photographer Mats Ekdahl IKEA
A better work-life-sleep balance for everyone-so it wants to be Ikea. A look into the new catalog shows many ideas for better sleep, new beds and pillows in unfamiliar format.

M ore Balance was never: Just a few months ago, Wolfgang Joop the Shirt-Life-Balance (for his new client, the shirt company van Laack), and now Ikea still a drone and dreams in its new catalogue of a better work-life-sleep balance. Sleeping is the guiding theme, which is dedicated to the Swedish furniture company, which has long been a global one, in the new fiscal year.

Where "guiding theme" is an almost too weak word, because the Swedes have a mission: a better world through better sleep. After all, we were sleeping better "parents, friends, partners and colleagues".

Thus, the Ikea catalogue 2020, which is distributed again in Germany and 53 other countries in the world, is adorned with the picture of a young couple sitting in bed in pyjama and nightgown, which-white with black pipels-fits to the bed linen ( Kungsblomma , now cheaper). If you look at the catalogue, the first sentence is: "We have a dream." Martin Luther King makes greetings.

Ein Bild aus dem neuen Ikea-Katalog - natürlich mit Bett
A picture from the new Ikea catalogue-of course with bed
Source: IKEA/Foto Mats Ekdahl

On page 2 and 3 you can see the same bedroom, the same couple, he with the guitar in his hand, the leaves are the leaves with the words Love und Peace pinned. Does it sound familiar? The catalogue makers thus cite the iconic photo of Yoko Ono and John Lennon at their Amsterdam Bed in 1969. As the two have slept, is not oversupplied, Ikea would in any case have a few suggestions for peace at sleep For example:

1. Change habits

As of now, there is a separate brochure called "Sleep well!", and also the Ikea website contains advice for restful Sleep , illustrated with animated cartoon sheep-which also adorned the T-shirts of the service staff at the Launchevent in Berlin. There, it was possible to withdraw into so-called Nap-Kojen to a short sleeper. Such Kojen will soon be available to the staff of the furnishing houses. For his recommendations, the company has collaborated with British sleep medicine man Guy Meadows, who is a London-based Sleep School co-founded.

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2. Comfort

Six new ergonomic pillows for side-back and other sleepers, partly made of memory foam and always small-sized (about 31 x 71 centimetres), can be found in the catalogue. Perhaps the Swedes will eventually succeed in a real paradigm shift, because the Germans, with their standard down monsters in the 80 x 80 format, have the largest pillows worldwide. And they drown in it. From an orthopaedic point of view, the format is 40 x 80 centimetres.

3. Bye bye coat of clothing

Also a full crap Sleepzimmer prevents a restful night's sleep, and in almost every home, there is a chair that is used as a filing cabinet, on which used or yet unworn clothes are towers. The new cloakroom stand Nikkeby Counteract. Made of red powder-coated steel, clear, geometrically, with shelf, hook and place for a few hangers.

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4. New beds

The gestures, the Ikea as a novelty, are equally favorable as disappointing. Two of these consist of foil-coated press plate. More interesting are the concepts of living: after 2016 the idea of the communal family bedroom was already present, this time the family bed in XXL-format (a double-plus single bed) has been found in the catalogue. Good night.

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