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Vom Salon ins Schlafgemach: Alles hat Hicks selbst designt und bemalt. Auch die Tapete, eine Ansicht von Konstantinopel. Sessel und Chaiselongue sind Erbstücke Vom Salon ins Schlafgemach: Alles hat Hicks selbst designt und bemalt. Auch die Tapete, eine Ansicht von Konstantinopel. Sessel und Chaiselongue sind Erbstücke
From the salon to the bedroom: everything Hicks has designed and painted himself. Also the wallpaper, a view of Constantinople. Armchairs and chaiselongue are hereditary pieces
Source: Ashley Hicks
Interiordesigner Ashley Hicks lives in his London apartment as in a hotel suite. Over the bed, a huge eye-his own, painted by him. Pop stars like Madonna are among his clients.

C hristmas-Spells on the Piccadilly, one of the most famous roads Londons . In front of the Royal Academy, museum visitors squeeze that it squeaks, and the famous department store "Fortnum & Mason" has numbered its windows as if it were a huge advent calendar. Ashley Hicks, 56, lives in the middle of it, calmly in an inner courtyard in "Albany" , the oldest apartment building in the city. Strictly, casernally, originally built for officers. Aldous Huxley has lived here once, Lord Byron, also Maggie Thatcher. "Just come over," mailt Hicks ahead, "I'm sitting here all day and male obelisks."

You just have to bump the door to his apartment and stand practically in front of his-bed! A tiny corridor. Behind it, two rooms open up like an imposing, well-ordered cave, laid out with a brown carpet, as a flanier man over a chocolate chocolate. The curtains are closed. "My windows do not offer an original view, triste facade," the host explains and blindly reptilienhaft through his glasses. For this, a sepiafarbene view of Constantinople is painted on the wall. "Tea?" he asks and disappears in a black kitchen hole.

Earlier, his parents used the lead when they came to the city for a few days from the land where they lived. " They then went out, into the clubs and Restaurants here. " To " peopley “, trubelig for him. Especially in this season. The month of December could easily be celebrated, but mixing up among people is not really his thing. Hicks prefers to cook at home, sometimes even for guests. " On the ceiling of my dressing, chairs hang. I can sit in the saloon seven. You don't want any more. "

Hicks mit seinem Buch „Rooms with a History“, sein „X-Frame Ottoman“, der Spiegel ist aus Kunstharz. Rechts: Totems in bunten Farben
Hicks with his book "Rooms with a History", his "X-Frame Ottoman", the mirror is made of synthetic resin. Right: Totems in colorful colors
Source: Francis Grylls/Ashley Hicks

The Lapsang Souchong smells. A bathroom and a guest room are still available-elegant efficiency on 85 square metres. The heavy colours are striking. So, a rabenblack bath is already-ufff ... "It has something mystique," finds Hicks. " I've always been fascinated by the idea of swimming in a secret corner of the Louvre. Isn't everything awfully ordinary today? " He celebrates his indivituality. "In front of dark colors, people look even better at all." And his colorful Möbel Pillows, glass sculptures created by the designer and sold to pop stars such as Madonna and international style connoisseurs are all the more cheerful. 'Conversation pieces', about which one gets pleasantly into conversation.

"This is here," he says, pointing to a massive, cold-blue head in front of a canapé, "this is a table here." In front of a emerald-green armchair, a synthetic resin furniture is painted with pink mosaics-"to create the effect of a sparkling ruby", as he explains.

The designer is testing his work. "Except for a chair that I bought at Christie's, it's not a thing that's bought here." The armchair and the canapé are hereditary pieces, everything else is its design ( ). Ornamental objects, which he not only designs, but also creates and painted like the mirror above the fireplace, facetted like a fantasy edifice. " I love Jeweled interiors ", says Ashley Hicks. " That sounds despicable kitschy and vulgar, which it can also be. However, art furniture can place refined accents in a well-placed way. "

„Museum“ steht auf der Wanne, schwarze Wände bringen seine Fotografien historischer Schätze zum Leuchten. Rechts: Das Canapé ist ein Erbstück. Wand und Tisch sind Hicks' Design
"Museum" stands on the tub, black walls bring to light his photographs of historical treasures. Right: The Canapé is a heirloth, wall and table are Hicks ' design
Source: Ashley Hicks(2)/Ashley Hicks

When Ashley Hicks renovated the apartment a couple of years ago, he was divorced, Single "I thought I was going to stay alone forever and someday ...?"-Yes? -" I'm dying here. You have to plan before, not true. " Where did you get here? In a mausoleum? " At a wounded place outside of our time and my imagination, maybe. The nostalgic feeling here fit very well to my mood at the time. The dying was, of course, an idiotic plan, because at some point I sell the apartment. Everything is possible-as far as planning. "

In fact, house visits can be a highly psychological matter, even in such a limited space. Suddenly, one stands in the four walls of a stranger, in which he sleeps, moves on and off, loved and fought. Hicks is restrained and yet profitable, humorous in his kind of embarrassment. " Privacy? I don't even know what that is. " He grew up in the countryside, in a large house, which was constantly photographed for interior books and furnishing magazines-" long before it was Instagram ! Once, when I came home, a photographer had rearranged my model cars spirally on a table. They parked always lined up in my room, just like in a parking garage. Suddenly the car was parked in the middle-how was it supposed to drive out?! I was stinksauer. "

Links: Die schwarze Küche. Rechts: Der Flur ist mit Kork tapeziert, die aufgeblasene „Nana“ aus dem Museums-Shop
Left: The black kitchen. Right: The corridor is wallpaper with cork, the inflated "Nana" from the museum shop
Source: Ashley Hicks

Ashley's father, you must know, was David Hicks, in the sixties one of the most important Interior Architects A guarantor of noble taste. Strictly graphic patterns were his leitmotif. Pink with gated furniture in brown, orange, turquoise and pink. Ashley's mother Pamela Mountbatten is related to Prince Philip and closely with the royal house. Her father was the last vice king in India, when India was still English kingdom. Through her closeness to the royals, David Hicks of course immediately had this clientele-Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon.

For the Rizzoli publishing house, Ashely Hicks once photographed a gorgeous picture book, as it scrolls through the Buckingham Palace. The third season of "The Crown" is in progress.

How do the royals set up the Instagram generation? " Still tea ...? My father was already formative. I often consciously provoked him. He would have hated some here. My carpet, for example: a typical David Hicks, one would think. But if you look closely, mein Patterns cast shadows! "Meanwhile, he can express himself with humor that he is repeatedly addressed to his father and not seldom even with" David ". This is not really nice of course, of course, and if you are young and want to make yourself a name, you can also be a burden. The son, on the other hand, has long since shown his own courage and skill in the design of his rooms. A mix of references to the father and his hillside to playful exaggeration. This is something Urbritic anyway. It has with the Education to be trained to keep the contenance. There is something in the people and they live in eccentric living. Suppressed lust. Crazies that are otherwise not allowed. He laughs: "It must be anything, just not boring."

Der berühmte Vater: David Hicks, 1966, mit Buch "David Hicks on Decoration"
The famous father: David Hicks, 1966, with book "David Hicks on Decoration"
Source: Getty Images

He grew up in a big house in the countryside. "Drumaround wasn't much going on, mostly I was sitting in my room and drawing-cars, yachts, helicopters." When did he have his first design moment? " To my birth probably. Unfortunately, my father couldn't come. He was at a dinner party when he reached the news, but found that a dinner jacket was not the right wardrobe for a hospital. Appearance was always important in our family. "

The word Design is in the 20. A century of career. " But the love for the establishment is much older. My father was not a technique friend, he was about patterns and fabrics. Aesthetics. We had so decorated tables at home full of precious objects. But touching the puppets with the paws was strictly forbidden. It immediately said, " No! These are Daddys toys! You have your children's room. ' You were not allowed to take or drop off anything. Move armchairs-a mortal sin! He himself, however, basically turned all the furniture around in hotel rooms. "

Hicks is holding, waving off. " My father could drink like a fish and then no one was safe in front of his sharp word. At the same time, he had this world-class ...But let's leave that, a full-length theme. " And his Obeliske are desperately waiting to be further painted.

Upstairs, on the floor above his apartment, is Hicks Atelier. One more question: Why does one actually have a process in the fireplace? "Because he's horribly ugly behind it."

Hinter einem Trompe-l’Œil, Hicks’ Auge, versteckt sich das Bad. Stuhl von Christie’s, die Kissen entwarf er für das Wäschehaus Frette
Behind a trumpe-l' œil, Hicks ' eye, the bathroom hides. Chair of Christie's, the pillow he designed for the laundry room Frette
Source: Ashley Hicks

And the eye in the bedroom? He also painted it, it's his eye. " I was always fascinated by the bedroom, the Max Ernst once for his friend, the poet Paul Éluard painted-with huge flowers and a huge, weird insect. " A quite surprising motif for a bedroom. "But it's funny to have a look at the bed," says Hicks. " It also has something frightening likely. But please don't ask me now for my therapist. "

Sein neues Buch: „Room with a History“, Rizzoli Verlag. Schuhdesigner Christian Louboutin, der seinen Freund „Ashtrey“ nennt, schrieb das Vorwort
His new book: "Room with a History", Rizzoli Verlag. Shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who calls his friend "Ashtrey", wrote the foreword
Source: Rizzoli

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