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If the empty toilet roll becomes the separation reason

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Zu zweit im Badezimmer - das könnte sogar ganz erotisch werden ... wenn da nicht die Macken des Partners wären Zu zweit im Badezimmer - das könnte sogar ganz erotisch werden ... wenn da nicht die Macken des Partners wären
For two in the bathroom-that could even become quite erotic ... if there weren't the partners ' Macken
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Everyone has their habits in the bathroom. Some of them can, however, become the stress test for the relationship. A survey aims to find out which specific types of men and women disturb the majority of their partners.

"You treasure, the water in the shower doesn't flow off again!"-Will say: The complete drain is full of hair, but it disguise me to clean it up, please take care of it. Yes, the bathroom can become a relationship nightmare. About 60 percent would be, according to a new Survey , even separate from a partner with dubious bathroom habits-the partner is actually confronted with the topic, however, only just about every third of the respondents. But what is it that most annoys couples on the other?

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Presumably, every person has annoying habits, which he strangely finds himself not even annoying. This includes for many women, all of their Beautyprodukte deposit in the bathroom. It seems that men are hard to bear. 83 percent said that they were most disruptive to a bathroom overfilled with cosmetics from the partner. They were called everyday items such as makeup, shampoo or skin care products.

The hair of the partner, who regularly takes part in the Washbasin and drain 79 per cent of men, on the other hand. There is also room for three of the most annoying bathing habits of women, because 72 percent of men hate it when their partner leaves everywhere stains-for example, from make-up or tanning cream. Then she would rather use his razor, which at least would be okay for 35 percent of the men.

Brushing with buttermilk and baby oil

However, the potential for dispute offers the morning battle for the bathroom mirror: 59 percent of the men are annoying when the partner has to make a make-up when he is about to get ready for the work. Small tip: Complete bathroom works wonders-especially if there is another mirror in the apartment, as a third of the men interviewed had indicated it.

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Speaking of closing: It's not about the folded-up clobrille that disturbs women the most about the men's bathroom habits, but the empty KloPaper Role 88 percent stated that they had extremely nerve to the partner-the well-folded toilet seat was 82 percent as a disrupting factor.

At all, four of the five for women have to do with the restroom: 69 percent do not bear it if their husband does not know how to properly target, and 61 percent if their partner forgets to rinse. This does not mean, however, that many men were uncomfortable with their female partners only in terms of toilet use: three quarters of the respondents stated that they would be able to do so if the wash basin was not cleaned after shaving.

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82 percent of the couples surveyed have a problem with this, when the toilet is open , while the partner is using it. If the need for intimacy in the bathroom is one-sided and is not respected, this can even become the killer or, at worst, relationship killers. For many people, the bathroom is the last place where there is still a spark of privacy. It also interfered with 63 percent of the pairs, when the other constantly leaves the toothpaste tube open. Even worse are dry toothpaste residues in the washbasin, for three quarters of the couples surveyed, this is regularly a reason to annoy.

So better immediately after the Tooth brushing wipe the sink with a towel clean and dry, and then ... no, just not on the floor! Because towels on the bathroom floor are available, is another way to annoy the partner (68 percent). But one more habit feels about every second one at his partner as very disruptive: to take the smartphone to the toilet-and then sit there longer than necessary.

A question of faith!

But why Make a close ? "In any case!" said 62 percent of the men surveyed, but only 58 percent of women. Where women (44 percent) are more likely to confront their partner with the unloved habits-compared to 28 percent of men. This may also be due to the fact that the attack on this sensitive topic has led to a dispute for 40 per cent of the respondents. The annoying bathing habits of the partner may seem to be a matter of dispute, but the problem is often not the habits, but the way in which it is dealt with.

But is it entirely without criticism?

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