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Eight tips to get better sleep in heat

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Heiße Sommernächte überlebt man auch ohne Klimaanlage im Schlafzimmer - abdunkeln wäre schon mal hilfreich Heiße Sommernächte überlebt man auch ohne Klimaanlage im Schlafzimmer - abdunkeln wäre schon mal hilfreich
Hot summer nights can be survived even without air conditioning in the bedroom-darkening would be helpful before
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When temperatures rise, there is also a rise in frustration: in heated bedrooms, falling asleep is difficult. What makes for a restful sleep-and what should you avoid?

1. Silk to Leinen

B eim Bettzeug as in the Pyjama (which should be worn for hygienic reasons) one should be on cooling Materials such as silk, cotton or linen . Due to their high air permeability, these substances have a particularly cooling effect, and in addition, they absorb moisture well above all and dry quickly-is therefore perfect for hot summer nights. Synthetic fibres, such as acrylic or polyester, should be made out of bed as a matter of urgency, since the skin is not able to breathe. But the best summer bed linen brings nothing, if not also the bed cover is replaced accordingly. It is recommended to have a light silk or Daunendecke , on particularly hot days, but also simply the blanke bed cover without inlett.

2. Ab in the freezer

Knows every mother: babies in the Summer with a linen or cotton diaper, which has previously been in the freezer for a short period of time. The refreshment is pleasant and leaves the little one-in the best case-fall asleep before the cooling effect of the "diaper plaids" flies. For too long, however, one does not fit under such a mollusk-with standard dimensions of 80 by 80 centimetres. Nevertheless: If the freezer has enough space, put your bed cover (without inlett) for a few hours. Well cooled, the body drives down faster-and sleeps better. An ice-cooled hot-water bottle can also help-unnecessarily wrapped in a towel, so that it does not get too cold on the skin. It should be placed at the bottom of the foot.

3. Shower in front of the bedside

Sleep is only made possible when the body's core temperature drops-usually this process begins at 8 p.m. and has reached its low point in the middle of the night. If the environment is too hot, the body will find it harder to cool down and so signal that it is ready to sleep. With a Shower in the evening this process can be supported. But beware: Never take an ice-cold shower, because that would have a contrary effect. The vessels were hesitating to keep the heat in the body, and the blood flow would be encouraged. Better lukewarm to warm showers, which also refreshes and also expands the vessels, so that the body can transport its heat better.

4. Sleep like an Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians-and they had to know, it was always very hot in their cliffs-dipped their blankets shortly before the bedtime in water to keep themselves cool in their sleep. This method may not be one to one-who wants to have a drip ceiling on the bed all night long-but somewhat adapted this "Egyptian method" certainly helps. You take a sheet or a big beach towel and dive it in water. Then wrestling well or once in the washing machine can be thrown. Covered with the damp cloth-to protect the mattress at the best of an additional, dry blanket-the water evaporates slowly on the skin and thus keeps it cool.

5. Fan on, window on

Na ja, er hier macht es fast richtig mit dem Ventilator und dem Fenster - aber leider nur fast
Well, he here makes it almost right with the fan and the window-but unfortunately only almost
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The "Egyptian method" can also be supported by the wind of a ventilator. But it is not quite undisputed to have the cool breeze purest all night long. In particular Allergy should do without, or at least not have the device pointed directly to the body, since the fan whirls dust particles and pollen and leaves the sleep anything but a relaxing. In addition, the air in the bedroom can become very dry. It is better to direct the fan to room ceiling, so that the air can circulate-the cold air sinks off, and you can feel a cooling.

In particular, small apartments, which have all windows on one side, prevent the possibility of creating a pull-through which allows the colder night air to enter. There can be a fan to help. If you set it up on the open window, it pushes the warm air out of the room into the open air and makes room for fresh, cool air. In general, the windows should remain closed on hot days and the curtains should be closed, so that the rooms heating up as little as possible . In the night, when the temperature drops again, should be properly vented.

6. DIY air conditioning

In some nights, however, it does not want to cool outside too, since only one helps one more Air conditioning But they have the fewest people in their bedroom. But with just a few things, an air-conditioning system can simply be "rebuilding" itself. You need a fan for that. However, the alone is not able to cool the air yet-it only moves it in motion. In order to produce really cool air, a bowl (or pan) filled with ice must be placed in front of the fan. During melting, the breeze of the fan absorbs cold water from the ice surface and thus creates a cooling fog.

Also suitable for a better room climate: hanging wet cloths in the bedroom, which increases the humidity. In addition, there is a slight evaporation cold, because the evaporation of the water removes heat from the environment-a little at least. However, one should not exaggerate it with the damp cloths, because long-lasting moisture can lead to mould formation.

Sleeping products in the test

7. Drinking, drinking, drinking

Is it very hot at night, sweating the body-therefore necessarily on sufficient supply of liquid . At the same time, one should not take ice-cooled drinks, but-as is the case with showers-choose the lukewarm variant, such as a chilled tea or water at room temperature. If the drinks are too cold, the body has to bring them to a temperature that is appropriate for it-that means that you sweat even more. In the case of lukewarm (!) drinks, on the other hand, in addition to the external temperatures, the body also gets a signal from the inside, that it is quite hot and it urgently needs to cool down. The result is a easy Sweating-the body cools down.

8. Light from

Many people sleeping in summer less than in winter -That can, of course, have to do with the heat, but on the other hand with the brightness. The sun comes up later under and earlier. And that means for some, it will be awake even earlier. Light works like a natural alarm clock, as soon as it is bright, the body produces less melatonin, the hormone for good sleep. So you close blinds, curtains or shutters in such a way that fresh air is still coming in, so that in the bedroom the whole night is kept nice dark and cool. The next morning, however, at the latest, when the outside temperature has reached the inside temperature, you should close the windows and let the room be darkened so that the room can heat up as little as possible over the day. The best way to work out window shutters from the outside is to think about the investment in thermosets/blackout curtains-they are so woven that they can hold heat and light quite well.

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This way your sleep will be better

We know sleep is important, but often we treat the subject somewhat stieflily and then wonder if it doesn't work properly. We have a few tips on how to better bed.

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