Kmpkt Sleep Quiz

Are you dreaming or you're still sleeping: 10 questions

Sleeping as in the Middle Ages-14 days long

In the Middle Ages, people slept in two phases of sleep, so they were awake in the middle of the night. The WELT reporters Kim and Camares have tested how the biphasic sleepy rhythm fits in our everyday lives-and have pushed to their limits.

Source: WELT

"La-le-lu, only the man in the moon is watching ..."-the bedtime has been a mystery to us humans since time immemorial. In addition, it is vital to survival. But how much do you actually know over the slumes? Probier's off.

H ier come 10 questions with which you can prove that you are a real sleeping nase-pass ' yes on, that you are not buckling!

But be on the guard: more than two mistakes, and you have a sleepless night in front of you.