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These interior designs come directly from hell

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Instagram: Diese Innendesigns kommen direkt aus der Hölle Instagram: Diese Innendesigns kommen direkt aus der Hölle
Source: Screenshot/Instagram pleasehatethesethings
It is not possible to argue about taste, it is said. But it can be laughed at the very best! An Instagram account gathers the most absurd interior design aberations that bring about people.

D The beauty of free democracies is that everyone can live more or less, as he likes. Nobody writes about how to feed yourself, which outfits are acceptable or also-which interior facilities!

The aesthetic well-being and woe of the rooms with which we surround ourselves is entirely up to our taste (and account balance). Some like it minimalistically, others feel with Scandinavian "Hygge" well, again others say no no to antik inspired columns. Everyone after his Fasson.

This freedom of design sometimes drives miraculous blossoms, and the most miraculous collects the Instagram -Account "pleasehatethesethings" , operated by the interior designer Dina Holland. So that's enough of the pretext and a lot of fun with ...

Oh, God, what's going on here? What is here? nicht No?!

The old interior design rule: never buy a chandelier if you could buy eight.

The good old butterfly poet seat ... urgh.

Another classic: the practical bedroom door to nowhere.

Almost! Maybe two, three centimetres to the right ... or fifty.

An empty room that opens up in what-a climbing wall? Very irritating.

The bathroom equivalent of it, in the morning LSD stir into the muesli.

Finally-the double bed for the Palaeodietary . Flauschig-soft stone, which invites to the common cuddle and head bump.

The house offers plenty of space for four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living room-washing room.

However, if you have little space, you need to use it efficiently aka the pantry of horror.

As a prison cell very comfortable, than anything else ... questionable.

Without the pillars, it would be purely physically too easy to enter the kitchen area.

My eyes ... my eyes Where are we going to start here?

Here, it's less the individual components than it's her, uh, interaction

We hope that this is enough for you as an inspiration. Until the next time!