Interior architecture

Regional Coronavirus "The lack is also a chance to re-educate Europe"

The proktologist Klaus-Peter Ullrich does not understand why people are hoarding toilet paper. Finally, there are much better ways to clean up the Po. In Asia, this is already and would be the case.

Feuer im Kamin: die Feinstaub-Belastung kann hier sehr hoch sein
Geld In the area of environmental aid The fine dust that comes out of the living room

Eleven million fireplaces and stoves are available in German households. They produce more and more harmful fine dust than road traffic. Experts call for a filter obligation. What is striking, however, is that the policy is still in place-even the Greens ...

Geld Dangerous particles German environmental aid calls for filters-duty for stoves

In spite of stricter regulations, the emission of harmful particulate matter from private wood stoves is increasing. In contrast to diesel cars, however, there is no filter obligation. In addition, there is a reason why exactly these particles are so dangerous.

Ashley Hicks: So wohnt der Designer in seinem Londoner Apartment
ICONIST Homestory Ashley Hicks Elegance in the smallest space of crazy games

Interiordesigner Ashley Hicks lives in his London apartment as in a hotel suite. Over the bed, a huge eye-his own, painted by him. Pop stars like Madonna are among his ...

Faustregel: Ein Raum, fünf verschiedene Lichtquellen. Mit neuerer Technik passen sie sich auch noch der Stimmung an
Geld Interior As a rule of thumb, "one room, five light sources"

Especially in the dark season it is nice if you have home the right lighting for any mood. In many households, light is still treated in a stifled way. Smart Home ...

Kachelöfen gelten als schmutzig und ineffizient, doch sie können besser sein als eine Zentralheizung
Geld Inefficient and dirty? The fairy tale of the evil tiled stove

Tiled stoves are considered inefficient and dirty. However, the ovens are better than their reputation if they are properly heated. Nevertheless, the stoves are torn out of many apartments. And her ...

Gut gebettet: der IKEA Katalog 2020
ICONIST Four tips What the Ikea Catalogue teaches about better sleep

A better work-life-sleep balance for everyone-so it wants to be Ikea. A look into the new catalog shows many ideas for better sleep, new beds and pillows in unfamiliar format.

kmpkt Sleep Quiz Are you dreaming or you're still sleeping: 10 questions

"La-le-lu, only the man in the moon is watching ..."-the bedtime has been a mystery to us humans since time immemorial. In addition, it is vital to survival. But how much do you actually know over the slumes? Probier ' ...

Gerd Bulthaup
ICONIST The Kitchen-Neudenker On the death of the entrepre Gerd Bulthaup

Gerd Bulthaup made the kitchen a place of communion in which cooking is fun. As a result, Bulthaup became a brand with international renown and Gerd Bulthaup became the masterminds for a whole ...

Homestory: So wohnt Anna Fendi mitten in Rom
ICONIST Homestory At the age of 86, she once again sets up a new apartment

Anna Fendi was the creative director of the traditional brand. Then she started her second career as a magister. She has just found a new domicile in the middle of Rome-and it has been with unusual ...

Das verraten die Sternzeichen über den Einrichtungsstil
ICONIST Astrology and Design This will tell you about your style of furnishing

The lion does not live, he resided. The Virgin may be a stash. And the scorpion prefers opaque curtains. Each star sign has its very own preferences as far as the facility is concerned. Find ...

Viel Holz, Naturfarben, Handgemachtes: das aktuelle Einrichtungsideal im Apartment „Graanmarkt 13“ im belgischen Antwerpen
Geld Home trends 5000 Euro for an armchair-and the good conscience is available

The trend towards sustainability and hand-made power now also conquers the living room. In addition to their products, designers also want to sell a good feeling. This business doesn't just have its price, ...

Schlafen bei Hitze: Tipps, um in heißen Nächten besser zu schlafen
ICONIST Hot nights Eight tips to get better sleep in heat

When temperatures rise, there is also a rise in frustration: in heated bedrooms, falling asleep is difficult. What makes for a restful sleep-and what should you avoid better ...

Chloe Wise malen. Wises Gemälde verkörpert diese Ästhetik von Jacquemus perfekt
ICONIST Lemons products The zitronous feeling of life of the South for home

Fashion designer Jacquemus opened the café "Citron" in Paris. There are lemon trees in sun-drenched terracotta pots, alongside wooden furniture for a Mediterranean atmosphere. How does that go in the ...