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So good are the smart Aldi lamps at the discount price

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Aldi, Müller Licht Aldi, Müller Licht
Aldi sells smart lamps of the Tint brand
Source: Aldi, Müller Licht
Philips Hue is the market leader in intelligent lamps-and can pay a lot for it. Now the discounter chain Aldi lamps sets the Tint brand at the entry price to the market. The test shows whether the clever luminaires can convince them.

W he wants atmospheric light at the touch of a button or voice command, can be made from numerous Smarthome Solutions vote. However, the required light sources and other accessories often cost a rod of money, for example at the market leader Philips Hue .

This is quite different from Aldi: the discounter again offers smart lamp sets at a low entry price. Under the name Tint, buyers are given the clever luminaires of the German manufacturer Müller-Licht.

Computer Image " reveals all the details and says in the Praxistest, what the smart lighting is suitable for. How to pair the Tint system with Alexa and Philips Hue and so on App and use language, you can learn more below.

Tint starter sets to get started at Aldi

The smart starter set contains an LED light that radiates in white and color, as well as a remote control. Here, the buyer chooses between a 9.5-watt lamp with a commercially available E27 socket, which corresponds in the form and luminosity of a 60-watt light bulb, or a 6-watt GU10-type radiator, which is similar to a 50-watt halogen lamp.

Aldi, Müller Licht
Screw-in, release: The starter set optionally contains an E27-Glübirne or a GU10 radiator as well as a remote control
Source: Aldi, Müller Licht

Both sets are coupled ex works: simply screw in and get started! With the remote control, users can turn the lamps on and off as well as change the color by rotating wheel.

At the push of a button six pre-made light scenes can be controlled: "Working", "Sunset", "Party", "Sleep", "Fireplace" and "Romanticism". On request, Smarthome fans will add more light sources to the system. Up to 50 luminaires react in this way to the remote control.

Lights, Stripes, LED-Panel

As a supplement, Aldi offers LED bulbs and LED spotlights, which can either dominate only white light or light white and colorful. In addition, there is a 6-watt LED lamp in candle shape, then with a smaller E14 socket.

Aldi, Müller Licht
More lamps, light strips and LED panels: In the new edition of its action, Aldi is expanding the range of products with further lighting
Source: Aldi, Müller Licht

If this is not enough, you can still gain an LED light strip, which provides for indirect and atmospheric lighting, for example, behind the cabinet. It shines decent (67 lumens) in white and in colour, is two meters long, but can be shortened to a desired length.

Also new in the Aldi range: a 1200 lumens light and dimmable LED panel, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The "luminous square" measures 45x45 centimetres and radiates in white or in colour.

The Tint luminaires work so well

"Computer Bild" has tested a starter set with E27 colour lamp and remote control as well as light stripes and LED panel before the sales start at Aldi. All illuminants come with a lot of plastic, but make a high-quality and well-processed impression. The somewhat clumsy remote control with its color ring has a little effect from the time and allows retro feeling to come up.

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The starter set was immediately ready for use in the test: The luminaire, which was screwed into the socket, could be switched and operated without a device by remote control. She lit up in a pleasant light and reacted to colour changes without any appreciable delay.

This was also true for light strips and LED panels, which were also very bright and fixed to the Tint system: keeping the remote control close to the lighting means to be coupled, repeatedly pressing the group button until all three LEDs are lit, plug new light into the socket and hold down the group button until it is briefly painted-ready!

Connecting Tint lights to Alexa

Practical: The smart Aldi luminaires sparks in the Zigbee 3.0 standard and can be controlled via app and language. For this purpose, it is sufficient to connect the lamps to an existing Smarthome system, such as the Echo Plus , Echo Show (second generation) or Echo Studio from Amazon. This worked reliably in the test.

Amazon, Computer Bild
Müller-Licht does not offer its own app to control the Tint lights. If you have an Echo device with Zigbee-Bridge, you can control it with Alexa-also by language
Source: Amazon, Computer Bild

First of all, it is necessary to decouple and reset the lamps from the remote control. This is the case: the desired tint lamp is switched on and off five times in succession or pulled out of the socket and inserted again. The lamp is then in the coupling mode.

To connect to the Echo device, open the Alexa app for your phone or tablet. iOS oder Android , tap there Devices , on + , Add Device , Lampe und Other business . After a tip on Devices suchen Turn on the lamp. A short flickering signal indicates that Alexa found the lamp. With Set Up Device Set up a name and assign a group on request.

Connecting Tint lights with Philips Hue

Also owners of the smart lamps of Philips Hue , IKEA oder Osram Lightify If you use the Zigbee-Bridge in question. With the help of the respective app, the user searches for the screwed-in lamp and adds them. In this way, it also integrates the pears into an already existing lighting system and routines and scenes set up there, if necessary.

Signify, Computer Bild
If you already have Philips-Hue luminaires including bridge, you can add cheap Tint lamps to the system
Source: Signify, Computer Image

"Computer Bild" tested the coupling with the Philips-Hue-Bridge. This is how it works: First, reset the illuminant as described above. Grab your phone or tablet and open the Philips Hue app for iOS oder Android .

Tap Settings , Lamp settings und Add a Light . After a tip on Suche appears in the note "Search for Devices". Now switch on the light source to be coupled. A short driveway confirms that the Hue Bridge has found the new lamp. On request, change the given name and add the Room Settings a room.

Price and availability

The smart lighting will be available from January 20 at the Aldi North and South stores, as well as at the Aldi online service. A Starterset with remote control costs 29.99 euros, additional lamps are available in white for 12.99 euros or in white and color for 19.99 euros.

For the LED light strip, 29.99 euros are due, the LED panel including remote control is available for 129 euros. The service life of the lamps (in operation) gives Aldi with 25,000 hours.

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